Agile Panache provides integrated solutions and focused interventions for organizations seeking to achieve and leverage the benefits of agility. We combine our in-depth knowledge of success patterns with a deep and practical commitment to meeting you where you are.


The Agile Panache partners and our extended network of specialists offer a full range of services for all levels of your organization. We can combine consulting, coaching, and training in a customized program based on your needs and priorities.




Enterprise- or program-level support for software and business agility

The art of consulting is to provide expert guidance in achieving your goals. We meet you where you are to get you where you want to go. And we build your leadership capacity for effective organizational change in service of continual improvement. ​

We provide focused advisory services that help you recognize issues, make difficult decisions, and engage long-standing obstacles by: 

  • Improving trust and collaboration across operational areas including business, technology, and support services. 

  • Bringing portfolio and product management into your Agile world. 

  • Meeting complex needs of scaling: maintaining alignment, coordination, and creativity by combining top-down and bottom-up intelligence. 

  • Streamlining your process flows to meet specific needs and opportunities. 

  • Optimizing organization design to share and distribute authority and responsibility to develop an effective Agile culture.




Personalized developmental support for leaders at all levels

Executive coaching unlocks leadership potential in senior management and at any level of the organizational structure. It represents a deliberate investment in the important over the urgent. It is “working on the system” and not just “working in the system.”

Regardless of positional authority, leadership at all levels is the driving engine of organizational evolution. High-performing leaders develop the exceptional maturity needed to deal with today’s fast-changing complexity:

  • Cognitive capacities such as systems thinking, perspective-taking, and dealing with complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty

  • Behavioral qualities such as transparency, empowerment, respect, empathy, collaboration, adaptability, creativity over defensiveness, and productive approach to conflict

  • Self-management in the face of being obstructed or triggered, preventing their creativity from being sidelined by defensive patterns

  • Going beyond productive power to the power of vision, collaborative inquiry, alignment and integrity, feedback seeking and vulnerability


High-performing leaders inspire and empower, supporting employee engagement and retention and liberating the collaborative, creative power of the organization.

Learn more about the Agile Panache approach to Executive Coaching.​




Coaching for teams and individuals

Coaching for people and teams builds capacity to act with clarity, self-awareness, and accountability, and supports the emergence of collaboration and creativity. 

When used in conjunction with training, coaching amplifies the investment in classroom education, guiding learners to establish new behaviors through practice.

​We provide Agile process and technical coaching as well as developmental coaching to:

  • Address the specific challenges your teams are facing to continuously achieve high performance outcomes

  • Advance the capabilities of your coaches

  • Strengthen leadership in your organizational change and transformation teams and your middle and senior management through leadership development programs and executive coaching

  • Guide managers in making the role shifts needed to achieve the benefits of agility

  • Get the most out of an organizational structure such as a Coaching Office or Center of Excellence




Remote and in-person classroom training and hands-on workshops

Training provides foundational awareness and skill building. We offer expert training both in the form of standalone courses and embedded with other services such as coaching, for more sustainable advantage from your training investment.


We recognize the breadth of skill sets required for organizations to thrive in today’s complex world. Our comprehensive training offerings therefore address many disciplines across the range of leadership, process, and engineering skills. In particular, we emphasize modern Agile engineering skills that are necessary for sustainable delivery and the long-term health of your technologies.


Of particular importance today, Agile Panache has proven expertise in remote participatory training, bringing “back of the room” techniques to the virtual environment.

Course Catalog

Our course catalog contains packaged offerings that can be scheduled without customization. Our comprehensive training offerings cover many disciplines across the range of leadership, process, and engineering skills. 

Some of these courses are offered publicly and all are available for private delivery.

Custom Modules 


Every organization has unique needs.  The custom modules below represent knowledge areas requested by our clients as part of custom training packages that are either stand alone or embedded into larger initiatives.  In collaboration with your organization, we can design custom training solutions using modules from the course catalog offerings as well as these custom modules.   We are happy to work with you to arrange specific training for your needs, incorporating modular topics in areas such as the following:

  • Introduction to Agile Scaling Patterns 

  • Lean Thinking

  • Design Thinking

  • Lean Startup

  • Agile architecture and emergent design

  • Domain Driven Design (DDD)

  • Model Driven Architecture (MDA)

  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)

  • Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)

  • Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration (CD/CI)

  • DevOps

  • Scrumban

  • Introduction to Scrum

  • Extreme Programming

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