Certified ScrumMaster Course

What You Get:

  • Two-Day CSM with Brent Barton, CST 

  • CSM Exam with exam prep guidance and instructions

  • Free Course Retake option for 1 year (courses provided by Agile Panache)

  • Certified ScrumMaster Certificate upon successful completion of the course
    and passing the exam

  • 16 SEUs and 16 PDUs

  • Special accommodations for accessibility needs; to discuss accommodations,
    please contact us at training@agilepanache.com

About Brent Barton


I am an award-winning instructor who applies my passion, experience, and expertise to create an immersive experience for course participants, whether in person or online.  I believe that by valuing each student’s specific needs and wishes we enrich the experience, using experiential learning and expert facilitation.

  • Have trained thousands of students in Scrum as a CST since 2005

  • Award-Winning Instructor, University of Washington

  • Practitioner, started my Agile journey in the late 1990s

  • Entrepreneur, founded multiple startups with successful exit

  • Servant Leader and Change Agent

"Brent provided ScrumMaster Training and consulting for our team. The course was excellent and the consulting was fabulous. Brent has a creative, interactive approach that resonated with our teams. I highly recommend Brent for training and consulting in the software development arena particularly if you are interested in Scrum-Agile Techniques." - Chris, Sr. Director of Product Development

Course Design

The course has been redesigned to deliver the benefits of an online experience.  Using advanced features of collaboration tools enables course participants to pair up, perform small group activities, and interact with the whole class effectively.

Like our highly-rated in-person courses, this online course incorporates team-based collaborative exercises, real-world examples, conceptual reinforcement, and pragmatic extensions. Each participant has the opportunity to bring their perspectives and enrich the course with practical examples and approaches.

Our courses provide the certification essentials with an eye to your practical implementation challenges.

Course Agenda

Initial Schedule:

9:00 AM    Start Morning Modules

10:30 AM  Break 15 min

12:00 PM  Lunch

12:45 PM  Start Afternoon Modules

2:00 PM    Break 10 min

3:30 PM    Break 10 min

5:00 PM    Close for Day

5:05 PM   (Optional) Open Office hours

6:00 PM   Finish


Please note that we operate the class using Scrum. The timings above may change based on the flow of the classroom experience and participants' collective decisions.

The figure above is an online group exercise that explores the Agile Principles, which underlie an Agile mindset. 

Learning Journey

The Learning Journey starts with class participants preparing for class.  All journeys benefit from a good start.  We set out together with a review of the Scrum Framework so we can have a common reference for when we explore more deeply.


By exploring Scrum Roles and Responsibilities in an organizational context, we can identify influences based on context, perspective, and previous experiences. This provides a map to understand primary role definitions in a team-based framework where members are collectively accountable and often share roles.  


At this point we have arrived at a rest stop so we can learn more about each other.  Whether your personal objectives are to experience the basics, consider implementation challenges,  or determine potential career paths, by sharing and synthesizing these into a collective set of Course Objectives we can tune the course to the participants' needs.  


We speed up as we climb the hill by reviewing an Agile Coaching Framework so each person can consider their current competencies against a rich model of the skills needed. This can provide inspiration and context for people to evaluate their career paths.


Core to this learning journey is experiencing Scrum.  To do this, we Form Teams and learn about how to balance getting going and building team-based behaviors and norms.  We work together on a simulation that takes us through Sprint 1 and then Sprint 2. From the first Retrospective we are equipped to explore the nuances of Being Agile, having Ready Backlog, running effective Scrum Events, and creating useful Sprint Goals.   


We come home with a focus on how we continuously improve our Servant Leadership through ScrumMaster tools, Facilitation, and Impediment Management.  


WIth this course, your learning journey may take the step into ScrumMaster certification. Our hope is that will serve you well on your larger journey.

Additional Support Options


We recognize that you are on a journey.  Should you need additional support for yourself or your organization, we can help in any of these ways:

  • Free Professional Coaching session

  • Mentoring

  • Career Guidance

  • Agile Coaching

  • Technical Training

  • Technical Mentoring


Feel free to reach out to training@agilepanache.com with any questions.

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