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Your Journey

In today’s rapidly changing world, most organizations we see are in the difficult process of reinventing themselves. Does this sound like you?


If so, we know you face persistent tensions between the pain and promise of current obligations and
future possibilities. The trade-offs are challenging and difficult.


Agile Panache is a strategic -- yet pragmatic -- consultancy. We bring depth and expertise to the technical, human, and systemic elements of organizational change.



To succeed, leadership at all levels embody the values they want from their teams.


Cultures that support agility require trust, safety, collaboration, empowerment, and respect. These qualities are often lacking in the control cultures that are prominent in many organizations.


Realizing the benefits of Agile usually requires organizations to tackle long-standing, difficult, uncomfortable issues. Successful leaders lean in and make necessary changes in a timely and conscious way.



Agile Panache is focused on helping you gain not just the appearance but the benefits of agility.


We know that agility in software development requires changes throughout the organization. We believe your goals of business agility go beyond the effectiveness of software teams -- you are aimed at organizational responsiveness, creativity, and learning. 


Agile Panache provides support, guidance, and expertise to leadership and teams making the necessary mind shifts, role shifts, and operational shifts.


Complementing this organizational focus, we bring leading-edge expertise in software engineering and deployment practices, coupled with a deep understanding of legacy systems and architectures. We work with you to articulate a strategy and path to elevate the quality of your technology ecosystem and enterprise architecture. We guide you in dedicated action to achieve a level of technical excellence that can propel you into the future.



Taking a systemic view, we review your goals and agility challenges. We build clarity and alignment among key stakeholders about the connection between business goals and agility goals and the range of actions required. 


Our incremental and adaptive approach to organizational change reduces risk compared to big up-front transformational design.


We customize a blend of consulting, training, and coaching for teams and leadership. Our deeply collaborative approach will leave you with a sustainable capacity for self-coaching and successful, ongoing organizational change.

Our Culture

We embody the values we promote.

We naturally choose collaboration within our teams and with you,
because collaboration amplifies creativity, problem solving, and delight.

We balance shared purpose and autonomy.

We encourage diversity of all kinds, because it is just and because it creates new possibility.

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